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    5 Reasons To Use Custom Mirrors Around Your Home

    Bathroom custom mirrors with inner and outer gold frames

    Custom cut mirrors are a key part of any stylish and inviting home. They create statements in every room and can be perfectly tailored to you and your family’s specific needs. They offer numerous advantages for virtually any room in your home.


    Perfect fit for your home

    Custom mirrors ensure seamless integration into a room’s design. They eliminate the need for awkward, unsightly gaps or having to trim a mirror to fit a space. You can even have bespoke cutouts to place the mirror around switches and plug sockets.

    You can use these mirrors in a variety of ways beyond traditional wall-mounted installations. They’re suitable as mirrored backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms or mirrored furniture pieces, and even home gyms. The versatility of custom cut mirrors offers you many creative and innovative design solutions.


    Make the most of unusual spaces

    Wooden door surrounded by a custom mirror that is cut around the room's angles

    As more people look to make the most of their home, the angled walls of a loft conversion can prove challenging. Snug living room alcoves or triangular under stair areas are among other places that often pose issues. Custom cut mirrors can be designed to effortlessly blend into any space.

    Sometimes off-the-shelf mirrors may initially seem cheaper, but they can end up costing you more in the long run. Usually, they are manufactured from lower-grade materials, such as 4mm instead of 6mm mirror. This impacts the mirror’s durability and may mean you need to replace it sooner. It can also mean having to put up with something on a daily basis that doesn’t perfectly match the rest of your home.

    Custom mirrors offer greater quality and flexibility. Their higher grade materials are crafted to precisely fit unique spaces.


    Create the illusion of space

    Wall length custom cut mirror with black square lines reflecting living room sofas and wall

    Mirrors have the remarkable ability to redefine a sense of space. They amplify the appeal of various areas within a home, from entryways to bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond.

    Custom cut mirrors are particularly ideal for spaces like landings or large hallways. Often devoid of natural light, bespoke floor-to-ceiling mirrors will greatly benefit these areas.

    You can strategically place a mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural light and scenic views. Installing custom mirrors there or on a feature wall will help to make even your home’s narrowest parts feel larger and more inviting.


    Personalised style and design

    Custom cut mirrors offer full personalisation to suit your decor and preferences. Standard mirrors have limited shapes, sizes and styles, so you will often have to compromise on your desired aesthetic. With a bespoke mirror, you are free to select something that matches your own style, without sacrificing functionality. They ensure a unique design exclusive to you and you can choose from different types of mirrors and different colour tones.

    Antique mirrors

    3 panel floor to ceiling antique custom cut mirrors in dining room

    Antique mirrors are designed to be a focal point in living and bedroom spaces. They are often placed on either side of a chimney breast or in dressing rooms, hallways and landings. They are also the perfect choice for behind a kitchen sink or on kitchen walls, helping to reflect your personality.


    Explore antique mirrors cut to size

    Toughened mirrors

    You can use standard toughened mirrors throughout the home, including behind a hob, making them incredibly versatile. Toughened antique mirrors are most often installed in kitchens. As well as adding a distinctive touch, toughened mirrors are suitable behind a hob as they can resist the high heat exposure.


    Tinted mirrors

    Floor to ceiling bronze custom cut mirror

    Custom cut mirrors come in a choice of tones. A grey-tinted mirror evokes a moody ambiance, while bronze offers a luxurious feel, particularly complementing gold accents. Meanwhile, a standard silver mirror will add brightness and a pristine aesthetic to your space. Using different tones in different parts of your home ensures your personal vibe is reflected everywhere.


    Practical benefits

    Elevate your home gym

    Wall length large custom cut mirror reflecting gym equipment

    Mirrors are essential around the home but their practical use also extends to a home gym or workout space. With a vast, custom cut mirror you can perfectly position it to assist with your workouts.

    You can use a large mirror like this to monitor your form and technique. It makes it easier to maintain proper posture, alignment and movement whilst doing strength training, yoga or other workouts. This helps to prevent injuries and ensures your exercises are completed effectively. 

    Mirrors also boost your motivation and confidence by enabling you to see your progress and physical transformation over time. Watching your reflection as you work out can be empowering and inspiring. It encourages you to push yourself harder and stay committed to your fitness journey.

    You might have multiple weights and pieces of equipment scattered around you, especially during yoga or circuit training. Adding mirrors provides additional spatial awareness to help avoid any injuries and accidents.


    Enhance your stairs or hallway

    Floor to ceiling custom cut mirrors in a hallway


    Installing custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors on a hallway wall becomes crucial if your bedroom layouts don’t provide room to fit one. They also offer great convenience for a quick appearance check before going out the front door. Having a designated area to ensure everyone is presentable before embarking on the day’s activities is indispensable.

    These types of mirrors work either in a hallway or at the bottom of the stairs – somewhere everyone passes regularly. They are also perfect ‘selfie’ areas, allowing the whole family to capture that perfect outfit shot!

    Large hallway mirrors are practical in other ways. You can position a custom cut mirror at the right angle to improve visibility around tight turns or corners. This helps to avoid potential collisions and prevent accidents. This is an especially useful safety benefit in homes with small children running around.


    Bathroom or guest bathroom

    angled bathroom custom cut mirror

    Custom cut mirrors are ideal for bringing versatility and practicality to small and overlooked spaces. You can enhance smaller bathrooms and quirky guest bedrooms, turning them into brighter, more expansive places. As well as improved lighting and increased depth perception you’ll gain memorable decorative charm.

    As somewhere you use every single day, it’s particularly important for bathrooms to perfectly meet your needs. A creative antique mirror can transform a downstairs WC and still be practical. Meanwhile, a pristine silver mirror in a main bathroom can be designed to exactly fit around a sink and shaver sockets.


    Find your ideal bespoke mirror


    Profile Glass specialises in creating custom cut mirrors that are made-to-measure for a perfect fit. Visit our showroom to see stylish examples of our workmanship, or get in touch to start bringing your custom mirror ideas to life.