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    Toughened Splashback Guarantee – 5 years

    grey and white stone effect patterned splashback

    Elevate Your Kitchen with Durability: The Toughened Splashback with a 5-Year Guarantee

    In the realm of modern kitchen design, functionality and aesthetics are equally important. One often-overlooked element that can seamlessly marry both these aspects is a kitchen splashback. Not just a protective barrier against splatters and spills, a toughened kitchen splashback can redefine your culinary space. This combined with a solid guarantee results in a long-term and fashionable investment.

    Peace of Mind for Half a Decade

    What sets our product apart is the comprehensive 5-year guarantee that accompanies every toughened splashback purchase. This guarantee is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and safety of our product. For five years from the date of installation, you can cook, experiment, and create without worrying about the integrity of your kitchen’s centrepiece.

    Don’t Mind The Gap – The 75mm Rule 

    • Enter the 5-year guarantee by ensuring a minimum of a 75mm proximity of the cooker hob heat source to the toughened splashback surface.
    • Pots and pans should also not have direct contact with the glass surface. Positioning any heat source directly against any toughened glass will result in damage. Ensuring larger pans are placed on the hobs furthest away from the wall is the best way to ensure your order is covered by our 5-year guarantee.

    The Ultimate Protector: Toughened Glass Splashbacks

    Toughened glass splashbacks have become the epitome of contemporary kitchen design. They not only add a touch of sophistication, they also contribute to the illusion of spaciousness – especially our mirror splashback range. More importantly, they serve as a formidable shield against the inevitable messes that accompany cooking adventures.

    Silver mirror toughened splashback with socket cut outs across the length of a countertop

    Unmatched Durability

    Toughened glass is created by exposing glass to extreme heat followed by rapid cooling – check out our how it’s made video here. This process results in a product that is significantly stronger than conventional glass, making it resistant to impacts and thermal stress. The result? A splashback that stands the test of time, effortlessly enduring the rigorous activities of daily kitchen life.

    The Benefits Extend Beyond Protection

    Beyond its primary role as a protective barrier, our toughened glass splashback add several other advantages to your kitchen space. Their reflective surfaces enhance natural light, making your kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. The easy-to-clean nature of glass ensures that maintenance is a breeze, contributing to a hygienic cooking environment.

    Conclusion: Elevate Your Kitchen Experience

    Our toughened glass splashbacks, backed by a 5-year guarantee, are the perfect combination of style, strength, and peace of mind. Elevate your kitchen experience with a product that goes beyond expectations – a toughened splashback that stands tall against time and heat, ensuring your culinary haven remains both stylish and secure for years to come.